Heading Home Olmsted County

We seek to prevent and end long-term homelessness in Rochester and Olmsted County by developing local housing and supportive services that use evidence-based models and combine public and private resources.

Our vision is a community where all persons have options for safe temporary or emergency housing and choices for a permanent place to live. 

"We can either waste money keeping people homeless or spend those dollars on a long-term solution that produces positive results for people and their communities." - Corporation for Supportive Housing

In the Community

Our target populations are:

  • Chronic homeless adults with disabilities

  • Unaccompanied minors and homeless youth

  • Homeless offenders re-entering the community 

The Problem

The cost of homelessness is addressed in The New Yorker February 2006 article "Million Dollar Murray"  by Malcolm Gladwell.  

Housing is considered "affordable" if it consumes 30% or less of a household's gross income.

The 2012 "Fair Market" rent in Olmsted County is currently at $515/month for an efficiency apartment,$549/month for a one-bedroom, and $722 for a two-bedroom

In order to afford an efficiency apartment and meet your basic needs, a person would need to earn $11.27/hour, 30 hours a week.

We are a wealthy community and fortunate to have a myrid of resources; yet we are still challenged with the same barriers to ending homelessness as exist in other communities in Minnesota and across the Nation.