Our Plan

A "Heading Home Olmsted Committee" was established in September 2007.  The work reflected in this document includes input from the entire Committee as well as information from three sub-committees who identified local needs and developed strategies to specifically address ending homelessness with disabled adults, youth, and offender populations.

The Heading Home Olmsted plan is intended to complement the efforts of the U.S Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness, along with State's Plan and the Heading Home Southeast Minnesota Plan to End Long-Term Homelessness.

The state of Minnesota updated its Business Plan to End Long-term Homelessness and released Minnesota’s Roadmap for Ending Homelessness.

This roadmap provides us with a vision and framework to utilize to work toward the goal of ending homelessness.  The basic values of the roadmap are:

  • Homelessness is expensive
  • A variety of housing options is  important for addressing unique needs and preferences
  • Trusting relationship are the building blocks for moving from homelessness to housing and;
  • Partnerships and collaboration are fundamental to ending homelessness.

Over the past two decades much has been learned from the private and public agencies working together to prevent homelessness and helping to move people out of long-term despair.  And what we have learned is that we can go beyond managing homelessness to actually ending it.